Quartz Crystals are one of the most powerful gemstones on the planet.
They're known for their many 
characteristics such as, their healing properties, enhancing psychic ability, meditation, emotional clearing, spiritual and dreaming enhancement.
In addition to their mystical and esoteric concept  referred to as the "Third Eye" a paranormal experience of hypnotic  astral projection.
Aqua Aura opens ones psychic insight to strengthen the heart and connect the heart to inner truth.
Helping one to grow and evolve as a spiritual being, connecting one to the spirit guides for astral travel and facilitating shamanic journeying. 
Quartz can be found all over the World.
Brazil, Madagascar and Mount Ida In Arkanasa are the main mining locations.
From a metaphysical standpoint, the Quartz Crystal represents the 5 elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether.
Not one Crystal is like any other.
Each possess their own individual unique qualities which may include streaking, lines, bubbles, metallic flaking or rainbows, these are referred to as inclusions.
Quartz Crystals grow deep within the EARTHs crust.
Crystals like the element of AIR, allow the light to pass through.
Their FIRE because they obtain piezoelectric properties and hexagonel molecular structure, resembling  WATER or an ice like appearance. 
Quartz Crystals are quintessential expressions in their element of ETHER and or Spirit.
Orange Aura an unexpected fire of a sunset or a flash of autumn brilliance.
Its bold energy brings a rush of warmth and joy that lingers, stimulating and empowering.
The double terminated Quartz Crystals are known to be more powerful because they have the ability to transmit and draw energy from BOTH ends.
Champagne Aura brings divine energy into the body for healing the physical, emotional or spiritual aspects of oneself.
Connecting one to channel information, open up to new experiences and stimulate ones conscious awareness.
Pink Aura instills a sense of loving kindness, Helps to heal emotional trauma, aiding in forgiveness and recovery from any type of physical, mental or emotional abuse on a spiritual level.
Lavender Aura brings a sense of spiritual wholeness to instill hapiness and joy. 
Enhancing Zen states of meditation and connects one with nature spirits and beings of the Faery Realm.
Angel Aura opens oneself to divine knowledge, stimulating deep spiritual experiences and helps promote successful meditation.
It brings love and light into any situation. Promotes feelings of safety, security, forgiveness of oneself or others and enhances love, kindness and compassion.
Facilitates peace, calmness and has been known to mend broken relationships.
Healing Crystals are not meant as a cure to illness or to replace conventional medicine.
It's simply to enhance ones metaphysical nature and or spirits.