Aqua Aura


Aqua Aura, the result of a revolutionary enhancing process in which pure gold, through a molecular-joining action, permanently alters the surface of quartz, most precious gemstones, semi precious gemstones and even glass, changing it to a clear aquamarine color.
Aqua Aura is a derivative of the latin words for Water & Gold.
Jewelers from Australia, Japan, Germany and United Kingdom as well as from across the United States, actively bid for the faceted gemstones and quartz specimens, he and his company produce.
The Inventor Of Aqua Aura, in 1988 William Mcknight. 
(right photo)
It was during an attempt to identify minerals collected from his Cascades mines using a combination of heat and vacuum when he noticed dramatic changes in the Crystals.
During a period of trial and error, he found that he could heat gemstones to a certain temperature in a nitrogen atmosphere and then inject vaporized gold into the chamber.
The process is slow; bringing the stones up to the right temperature takes a full day and the gold bath process requires painstaking hours of work.